Succession and Exit Planning

Some owners start a business to establish, grow and then sell it – capitalising on the value they worked hard to create. Others simply don’t like being employed.  Regardless, the one certainty is that all owners will exit. It is not a matter of “if” but “when”; where the measure of success is the highest possible return. Succession and exit planning readies you to exit on your terms with a business valuation aligned with your expectations.

What are the benefits OF OUR SERVICE?

  • Proactive, focused and strategic advice for mid-market business owners.
  • Real understanding of your financial and non-financial position.
  • Road-map to becoming sale ready.
  • Support and guidance.
  • Implementation of the right Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) for your employees and business.
  • More motivated employees.

THE VALUE GAP is the difference between the value you put on your business and what the market says it is worth. The role of succession and exit planning is to eliminate or minimise THE VALUE GAP.

“Where you’re heading is more important than how fast you’re going.”
Stephen Covey

For a successful exit it is essential that you have a strong understanding of your present business position, a strategy for improvement and a systematic plan for the implementation of that strategy.

The process for a successful exit is

  • To properly understand the financial and non-financial position of the business.
  • To establish the steps that the business should undertake to improve the valuation.
  • To protect the current business value.
  • To undertake actions that will maximise the business value and enable sale readiness.
  • To execute the exit strategy with confidence.

Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOP)

“Employees are keen to climb the ladder to equity but someone needs to provide the ladder.”
Warren Buffett

An ESOP is an incentive scheme that better aligns the goals and interests of both business owners and employees, so that employees begin to think like business owners.

Benefits of an ESOP for business owners

  • Attract and retain high calibre employees.
  • Tax effective.
  • An effective and efficient way to transfer ownership of the business.

Benefits of an ESOP for employees

  • Rewards and recognition flow with the success of the business.
  • Tax effective.
  • A savings vehicle to acquire and hold shares


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